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Expressive Language

Expressive language refers to the ‘output” of language.  This may refer to the use of words, sentences, gestures, and writing to express meaning and messages to others. 

Receptive Language

Receptive language is the ability to understand and gain meaning from information in spoken or written language. 


Articulation (pronunciation and talking) is the ability to physically move the tongue, lips, teeth, and jaw to produce sequences of speech sounds, which make up words, phrases, and sentences.

Early Intervention

Early intervention is a system of services helping babies and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities.  


Our Approach

Metropolitan Milestones Therapy, PLLC is a small pediatric therapy clinic, serving Rockingham County and its Surrounding areas.  If you believe your child might have a deficit in any of the above-mentioned areas, please reach out to us for a complimentary screening.    If the child qualifies for therapy, we will develop an individualized treatment plan, customized to fit the specific needs of your children.   At MMT, we take an individualized approach because we realize that all children are different, and each child has a very specific set of needs.  

Please contact us to learn more and begin your child’s adventure to success today!

What Parents Think

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