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Learn The Process

Referral Process

If you have questions/concerns about your child’s speech development, please contact Metropolitan Milestones Therapy, PLLC at 336.613.2203.  Arrangements can be made for the SLP to conduct a complimentary screening.


The results of the screener will either reveal a score that is above or below average.  If your child’s score is below average, further evaluation will be recommended.  

What To Expect Following The Evaluation: 


The evaluation will be scheduled as soon as possible.  


Please allow up to two weeks for scheduling and then two weeks for receiving a report via email, mail, or fax.   

Review Results

The clinician will review the results of the evaluation via phone and develop a Plan of Care moving forward.  Speech therapy may be recommended, additional referrals may be recommended, or discharging the child due to average scores may be recommended. 

The SLP will work diligently with the parents to develop a Plan of Care most appropriate for the child.  The plan will be tailored to target specific goals.  

Please expect approximately one month between the referral and the initiation of therapy.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with your child.

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