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Hello Neighbor: Diaries APK - Experience the Mystery and Suspense of a Killer's Home

There are multiple diaries in the game, each with a unique storyline and puzzles. Players need to explore every corner of the house without being discovered by the neighbors, unlock the contents of the diary, and reveal the neighbor's past and his hidden secrets.

Hello Neighbor: Diaries is known for its compelling story, complex puzzles, and beautiful graphics. Players will experience exciting adventures in the game, and at the same time need to use wisdom and skills to unlock various puzzles and gradually solve the mystery of the neighbors. If you like puzzles and adventure games, this game will bring you a gaming experience full of surprises and challenges.

hello neighbor diaries full apk

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The gameplay is a 1-person adventure game with stealth elements. The neighbor's house is full of mysterious gadgets and secret rooms. The player has a special flashlight to search for footprints and fingerprints, a camera to record evidence and a remote-controlled sonic trap that allows you to distract the villain for a short time and not get caught by him.

In the game, players play as a citizen, who just moved into the neighborhood, and try to break into their neighbor's house. Their goal is to successfully sneak into the basement of the neighbor's house to uncover a dark secret while avoiding being caught by him.[3] The game's artificial intelligence (AI) modifies the neighbor's behavior based on the player's past actions, such as setting traps along paths the player followed in a previous attempt.[4][5][6]


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