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Download Hh1 Rar PORTABLE

Open f12 and go to the network tabclick the download button.find the newly downloading file in the network tab and while that's downloading rightclick it, go to copy and then copy as curl (bash). If you do this while the download is active on your browser and execute this on the commandline (in this case the bash shell) then it will download correctly.

Download hh1 rar

i used to put all files inside .rar/zip folders to be more organized and easier for you guys to download but recently i've been getting a lot of new players (welcome y'all ??) as patrons so they are not used to the whole extracting and unpacking the files so i took off all the zip files and included only the .package and tray files separated for you so you can put it directly inside your Mods folder (.package files) or Tray folder (the tray files when i put the whole sim up for download)

i've been getting some messages from people saying they can't find my cc in their games. the reason is they don't extract the .rar files - putting the .rar files directly in their Mods folder --- thats why it won't work cuz the game doesnt recognize it in that way. to everyone thats experiencing this, i recommend you to delete them and download my skins all over again since now i changed the way to download them making it way more easy and practical as i told before.

1. keep your game updated. modders/cc creators ALWAYS keep their games updated so they can create cc for the latest version of the game and keep it updated and working. if your game is outdated especially after a big patch the cc might not appear in your game since they were made for the latest version. same thing with downloading premade Sims or builds - it can appear in your gallery BUT you won't be able to put it in your worlds until you update your game.2. always delete the (localthumbcache.package) file. you can get rid of it since it's not vital for your game - it's only a bunch of cache files that make your game slow and glitchy af and they take a lot of your memory especially when you take a mod or cc OUT of your game and if its glitchy then the error persists - the localthumbcache file might still be saving some memory of that thing you removed and it won't go away completely if you dont delete this file.this file is inside your The Sims 4 folder on the Documents location, NOT the Mods or Tray folders.3. repair the game if something goes wrong. if after an update your game starts acting up even after updating your mods and cleaning your game theres an option on Origin that can repair your game. that might fix a lot of problems especially when your game gets corrupted after updating or after adding a pack or DLC.4. be kind and don't be rude to creators if a cc is not working on your game. creators test their cc (i test all my cc a BUNCH of times and only release them if im feeling 100% well with it) before releasing them so they are NOT trying to prejudice you in no way ever. the problem might be from the cc itself, but it can also be a problem from your OWN game if you're the only one experiencing the problem. be patient and try understanding what the problem is, use the tips for help and remember you can always contact the creators for help if their cc is causing the problem. also creators dont always need to stay quiet after receiving rude and deceiving comments after trying their a$$es off to help.

Custom content for games in The Sims series is usually contained in what is known as an "archive" file, usually a .zip, .rar, or .7z file. In some ways, an archive is sort of like a folder; it has its own name and location, and can contain other files and folders inside of it. However, the files inside an archive are compressed, so they take up less space and take less time to download. The files inside an archive must be decompressed and copied to a location outside the archive before they can be used. This is called "extracting", even though the file is not removed from the archive. With custom content, the issue is knowing which files to extract -- and for The Sims, which folder to place them in.

The Sims, The Sims 2, and The Sims 3 do not recognize archive files and cannot read them. While it appears that The Sims 4 does recognize zip files in the Mods folder, it also appears to expect anything in them to be part of a script mod. Therefore, when downloading any Sims content other than a script mod for The Sims 4, the archive files should not be downloaded to any game folder, but can be downloaded to any non-program folder the player chooses. Also, it is not necessary to keep the archive files once the custom content files have been extracted; they can be deleted or moved to an external storage device such as a thumb drive. 041b061a72


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