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How Idle Empire Lets You Get Free Skins, Games, and Crypto

Pretty good if I say so myself. Simple design and concept, but in a fun and addicting way that idle games should do. One constructive criticism is that after around level 170-200 it really starts to slow down, maybe add in a minigame or two that can be played to earn rewards based on performance in the minigame. This is just my opinion but I believe it would help keep players playing. Thank you for your time. Good game

idle empire

Idle Mining Empire puts you at the helm of a mining business. Start from scratch and work your way up to running a fully automated mining empire that generates huge profits!Mine resourcesClick on your worker to produce resources for selling. You can then use your elevator to transport the rocks to the ground, where they will be transported to the warehouse. As you get further in the game you can dig deeper and unlock mine shafts that generate more money.

Idle and clicker games are quite addictive, making you crave higher profits and a better yield with each production. Luckily there are plenty more games like Idle Mining Empire. Check out Mr. Mine for a similarly themed game, or Babel Tower for a construction-based idle game.

Build your own empire by incrementally upgrading and improving. Idle Empire 3 is the latest in the Empire series, following the footsteps of Idle Empire 1 and Idle Empire 2.Your income is generated through the status. You earn a certain amount of gold after each click.. Start off as a small village. Make expansion through leveling all aspect of the game.

Use this gold to buy upgrades and to improve your empire. You may also hire workers for the gold mine who automatically generate gold over time. You can also upgrade your clicking power in the gold mine to increase the amount of gold you receive per statue click. Aside from the resource management you can unlock research and science and also complete quests. Watch your empire grow and continue to research new buildings such as a lab and a house.

  • The fourth game is supposedly in development, initially intended to release in 2019 but moved to a later date. It is being made in HTML 5 instead of Flash. With the developer not providing any news and the overall decline of Kongregate, the series' future looks bleak.The series provides examples of: Cap: 2 caps auto-click at 50/sec, gem chance at 100%/click and gem mine at 1 gem/0.05 sec (though the amount of gems can be increased with Ultimate Gem Mine).

  • Critical Hit: There's a chance in 3 that you'll get a critical click which produces 3x as many rewards.

  • Everything's Better with Rainbows: Becoming an Empire in 3 adds a rainbow, though it's only for decoration purposes.

  • Excuse Plot: 2 has you go on an adventure to get rich and explore different locations. Other than that, it's as story-free as most idlers.

  • The Face of the Sun: 1 has the sun having a smiley face on the title screen. There's also a sun with a face wearing sunglasses in Forgotten Lands.

  • Factor Breakdown: In 2, the statistics screen shows the percentage of EXP and money boost that comes from upgrades, the gem shop, achievements, talents, and the final result (in green).

  • Forced Level-Grinding: You often need to reach a certain level in 2 before proceeding to the next location. It's usually the longest to complete quest as well.

  • Geo Effects: Each new location reached in 1 makes you earn more EXP and money.

  • GIS Syndrome: Some of the locations in 1, like Mars, are clearly pasted-in photos with some blur.

  • Killer Rabbit: The very first monster which you apparently have to kill in 2 is a giant rabbit-like Beast which is killed by clicking on it 150 times.

  • Loot Boxes: A non-paid example. 3 has treasure chests. Basic Chests can be bought for free, Clicks Chests cost clicks, and Pro Chests as well as Chaos Chests cost diamonds. All of them are guaranteed to drop something, with drop rates shown when you hover over each one.

  • No Plot? No Problem!: 1 and 3 have no plot in-game whatsoever. You just expand your empire.

  • Not-Actually-Cosmetic Award: Each achievement earned in 2 adds to your bonus.

  • Play Every Day: After unlocking Prestige in 3, you can claim free chests daily. The amount of chests recieved depends on your Prestige level. The Red Laboratory also has a claimable Red Research Point and click reward every day.

  • Oddball in the Series: The series is normally about building the empire. 2 goes for an adventure-style progression, with a player character who travels from place to place.

  • Rainbow Lite: The rainbow depicted in 3 has four colors - red, yellow, green, and blue.

  • Randomly Generated Quests: 3 has randomly given quests which are usually about reaching a high power rating/level, opening treasure chests, playing for a certain amount of time, getting critical clicks, or collecting diamonds. Quest types may not be fully random (for instance, two playthroughs had Random Quest 1 require reaching a power rating and Random Quest 2 had playing for a certain amount of time), but quest requirements certainly are (Random Quest 2 required 10 minutes of playtime in one playthough and 12 minutes in the other). Each quest is added immediately after clearing the previous one.

  • Skill Scores and Perks: 2 has talent points, with 0.2 earned with every level up and 1 earned with every mystery upgrade. They can be spent on a tree for permanent increases to money or EXP, as well as items necessary to complete quests. EXP and money have four upgrades each which can be bought only once and one upgrade for both which can be bought infinitely.

  • Threatening Shark: Halfway through 2 you meet a shark. As the game says "OMG, Shark! Kill him!" which you do by clicking on him 250 times.

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What if you could earn free money, gift cards and cryptocurrencies in your free time doing some small and easy task? Idle-empire offers what you are looking for. You can make money and crypto by taking part in paid surveys, watching videos and playing online games.

Plus, join the Idle-empire promotion and earn a google play card, Xbox gift card, Playstation Network code, Steam wallet codes Amazon gift card, along with Idle- Empire sign up bonus and referral bonus.

The Idle Empire platform was created in 2015 with the purpose of maximizing the value of your idle time. We want to enable our users to get the full-service experience on a variety of platforms without having to pay anything.

Idle Mining Empire is an idle clicker tycoon game where you build a mineral mining business. This game is published in HTML5 using lightweight JavaScript, meaning it should work on mobile devices and most modern web browsers like Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. You can play this game on Microsoft Windows desktop and laptop devices, iPads, iPhones and Google Android mobile phones.


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